Nicola Di Leo was born in Taranto in 1984.

He began to get interested in the music world at 8 years old, when he discovered the drums and the '70s rock. At the age of 13 he sees the first electric guitar and has a revelation: he is not so fascinated by the idea of ​​playing it as by the thought of building one!

Thus begins the first repairs and the first settings on the tools of his friends.

In the following years, he graduated from the Classical Lyceum and obtained a Law Degree in Bologna, but his goal is still to become a Luthier. After moving to Florence, he finally managed to take the path he had set for himself by building his first electric instruments.

In the summer of 2014 he attended a course at the workshop of master violin maker John Weissenrieder for the construction of acoustic instruments.

His production is characterized by models inspired by "Fender", a brand of which he is one of the greatest experts in Italy.